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Bruce Lee Quote

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” Hadn’t seen this quote before but I try to apply this to everything I see, hear, read, etc…

Jan, 25

Interesting Popup/Landing page at Sulia

I’ve been testing out Sulia.. I’m not committed to it, but I still look at their emails every so often and I decided to click on one of the links today. Here is the page ...

Jan, 03

The Werkstette Website is Amazing

This is by far one of the best websites I’ve ever seen. The product is the absolute focus of the site. The design is secondary – they avoided the temptation to make the navigation or ...

May, 21

Great Logo Resource might be the best blog dedicated to logos that I’ve come across.

Mar, 18

PayPal Email Design: Keep it Simple for Impact

I couldn’t help but enjoy the recent email I got from PayPal. Very simple. Super-easy to digest.   

Feb, 09

Design Inpiration from 700+ Condiment Packets!

Just in case you’re in the middle of designing a new condiment packet and needed some inspiration, here is a collection of like 700+ condiment packets…

Aug, 01 is an interactive agency for luxury, fashion, and retail brands. I stumbled across their site as I was admiring the Marc Jacobs website. All their work has a very similar look and feel, but ...

Nov, 13


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