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Bruce Lee Quote

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” Hadn’t seen this quote before but I try to apply this to everything I see, hear, read, etc…

Jan, 25

Google Keyword Tool

Just thought I’d bookmark this. Google Keyword Tool: Enter keywords or URLs that are relevant to your business to get new keyword ideas..

Nov, 15

Great Book Promo Site

Ever since I started writing my book about Conversion Design, I’ve been obsessed with those book pushing mini-sites. The good ones generally follow a similar, Conversion Design friendly formula, big book cover (hero shot), few […]

Oct, 29

Getting to know YouTube

It’s sort of ironic, because I am generally driving new things, but it takes me a while to get into other people’s new things. I think it’s because I really hate it when experiences are […]

Oct, 17 Redesigns recently launched their redesign. I was reading up on it during their beta and I wanted to link to some of those articles, but I could not find them on the new site. I […]

Jul, 04

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together

Great chance to catch Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on video together. .

Jul, 03

Hotmail Drops ‘Web 2.0′ Interface

The power of user centered design is being realized more and more everyday. I just came across a story about Hotmail dropping their AJAXy web 2.0 interface in favor of a simpler redesign after seeing […]

May, 07


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